Wallets, Notecases and Purses


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WA1 Soft Hide Traditional Wallet  18.50

WA2 Saddle leather Breast Pocket Wallet 24.00
WA3 Soft Hide Compartment Wallet  19.50
WA7 Antler New Classic Breast Pocket Wallet  30.00

WA8 Bridle Calf Credit Card Wallet  42.00


FN1 Small Folded Notecase  11.50

FN2 Swing Notecase  18.00 


Security Notecase  12.50


Tab Notecase  15.00  

FN5Black Leather Folded Notecase 12.00

FNA6 Noir Leather Notecase with press stud section  16.50

FNA7 Noir Leather Tab Notecase with flip up section  18.50

FNA8 New Classic Leather Notecase with coin pocket  34.00

FNA9 New Classic Notecase with flip up section  32.00


PU1 'Harness' Frame Purse/Wallet  12.50

PU2'Harness' Blue Purse/Wallet 8.00

PU3 'Harness' Purse/Wallet  14.00


Lichfield Leather Red Purse/Wallet  21.00

PU7Brown Leather Muchi Purse Wallet  23.00


Antler Noir II Coin Purse  9.50

PUA8 Antler Noir II Tri-fold Flap-over Purse/Wallet  23.00